Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton the country lost (part 100,000 apparently)

Don't let the numerous fumbles of the political bench-warmers doing their post-election "armchair quarterbacking" fool you. I have the true deep analysis on where Hilary Clinton went wrong and the horribly offensive stratagems her team utilized. Here is the real reason she lost:

Her campaign overestimated the decency and common sense of a huge swatch of Americans. HOW DARE SHE?!?

(Ok I know I'm suppose to try to cynically exploit the chaos in order to promote a narrative through tenuous links of specious reasoning. But this is just the  TL:DR version of what those guys...often inadvertently...end up saying anyway. Albeit with a bit more inexplicably smug gloating, like "How condescending to have faith in the sensible decision-making skills of the public. Loser!")

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