Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Da Mic Drop: Calvin (?!?)

Da Mic Drop is a regular segment, where we look at people who make such a pointed "standing-ovation-worthy" commentary in regards to a person or issue that it has to be highlighted. 

And yet another segment of the "VOTE  DAMMIT " feature as we enter the home stretch of the 2016 elections. I don't think anyone has captured the political id of the nation's consciousness like cartoonist (and inadvertent) political prophet) Bill Watterson. An example of that is his most famous creations Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" explaining his position as the president supreme-dictator-for-life of the "Voter Apathy Party" with the appropriate amount of maturity and thoughtfulness that only a bratty self-absorbed 6 year-old can muster!

Update (11-12-2016): Obviously, we decided to spend the next four years "blaming things than fixing them" (To be fair it is a lot more "fun")

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