Saturday, October 3, 2015

We interrupt this program for an important announcement

Just a note to let blog readers (I think i manage to get it up to a whole three people now! Progress!) know that i am taking a month long vacation from this blog to travel to Other-Important-Responsibilities-I-Have-To-Take-Care-Off Land (Hey that game of Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't going to play itself you know! Oops. Er...disregard that last sentence.) Yes I know I'll miss out on a big chunk the tragic predictably of inanity so that by the time i come back to this blog (Looks into Magic 8-ball of Horrors here):
  • Kim Davis will be engaging in her sixth legal and Constitutional violation
  • They'll be at least two mass shooting that won't (of course) change the dysfunctional relationship this has with guns that will have knocked the current tragedy out of the media loop (and so much for these cretins and losers using carnage to "try to make a name for themselves"), 
  • At least three African-Americans will be brutalized and/or killed by the police for committing the crime of existing while black being such hardcore thugs that cops had no choice but to violate their rights and their lives, which will result in nothing more then "debating" on how much the victim is to blame (But they were wearing those gangsta bikinis or driving a BMW or sassing the cops by insisting they have rights or other obvious threatening mannerism that needed violent retribution.) The "good" news about police brutality is the the script for handling it has become so predictable that you can actually read my earlier post on the subject and it will still be just as relevant. 
And yes it is unfortunate that in America, horrifying tragedy seems to work on a more regular schedule then this blog does, and even more so that our country doesn't think it's that big of a problem. In any case, I'm going to begin my break now. Who knows? I might even try that radical "going outside" stuff. See you in a month.