Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The 2+2=7 Presidential Cliff-Notes

Another part of the "VOTE, DAMMIT!" segment

There has been some (often willfully-induced) confusion on what we are choosing when we elect a president. So as we settle into the madness of election day, here's a quick reminder.

One of the problems with civic misunderstanding is that few people seem to realize that they are voting for a president, and not a king, an emperor or (god help us) a wizard. The president certainly has power (and as a "leader" he can certainly influence the direction of a country), but only so much (and if that's what you want, then there are some nice dictatorships a few countries to your right.)"

So no one in higher office is "controlling your destiny" unless you secretly want them to. Indeed since they depend on citizens for "job evaluation" WE actually control their destiny (if only Americans didn't worship authoritarianism too much to proper utilize that simple fact)

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