Monday, July 11, 2016

Orlando's Concern-Troll Progressive Cosplay Convention

Ok, I'm finally back after my period of slacking retreat of self-reflection and centered introspection. So let's see what I missed...oh...ugh! Just the world going crazy (what, again?) during my electronic absence, that's all. For now let's go back about 200 tragedies ago (yes, way back to June of this year, because crap like this must now be a daily occurrence) to briefly comment on the horrifying scenario that was Orlando, (in the unlikely event you were living in a cave and suffer from Hyperink-Adversion-Syndrome, the synopsis is that an armed Muslim man with possible ties to terrorist groups killed and wounded around 100 people at a gay club in Florida) mostly to address a particular pet peeve of mine that occurs whenever one form of discrimination is exploited to clash with another. Here a special request to all the vultures (pretending to be doves) circling the carcasses that I shared on another message board: all the insincere asswipes out there, you can kindly take off your "Concern-Troll Progressive Cosplay" costumes now. Your assess aren't fooling anybody! One of the most INFURIATING part of this whole sad discussion is hearing one exploitative muthafucker after another cry crocodile tears about solidarity with "our people" (gay people count as "real Americans" now? Since when?) being attacked by them...while simultaneously denouncing homophobia as a thing that exist (apparently us silly gays haven't realized that we can make that problem go away if we just attacked nearby Islamo-sexicans more or something)...and at the same time subtly blaming the victims by whining about people playing "identity politics" (it was rudely getting in the way of their hatred.)
We saw this shit during the run-up to the Iraqi war too, when, faster than you could say "Social Justice Warriors", a bunch of hypocrites suddenly became "concerned" about the lack of rights and autonomy of Middle-Eastern women (which is why we have to bomb them to smithereens, of course)
So yeah, the trolls trying to exploit (while also diminish) our pain in order to fight bigotry with bigotry can fuck right off!
P.S. Who wants to bet that our newly "enlightened brothers" won't right to repeal anti-gay ordinances?

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