Sunday, July 24, 2016

Da Mic Drop: AnBheal

New segment here, where we look at people who make such a pointed "standing-ovation-worthy" commentary in regards to a person or issue that it has to be highlighted.

If your wondering who the hell "AnBheal" is , he (or she) is only a Salon commenter who left a brilliant response to yet another contrarian scold of an article (yet more blah blah blah about "angry Trump supporters" who as we know are the only demographic in existence and are so ignored what with only about 2,654 articles about how we need to pander to them and the only them and how people who actually think elitist aren't giving enough respect to their willful ignorance):

"Liberals condescend to 'these people' at their peril"??? Oh man, I am so sick and tired of professional blowhards spouting this Libertarian lie!!!  No, Mr. Yimberg, YOU condescend.  The TeaParty condescends.  The mainstream media condescends.  And Libertarians make more money from encouraging the condescension.  Liberals (in any sane interpretation of the term, a la Gladstone or Burke or FDR) do just the reverse.  They advocate for higher incomes, better union representation, and a bigger slice of the political, economic, and juridical pie. 

What Liberals sometimes do (a la Thomas Frank) is occasionally scratch their head and wonder why a teen burning a flag in New Jersey or a gay couple getting married in Vermont or a scared college student getting an abortion in Manhattan could possibly convince a coalminer in West Virginia to vote for a politician who promises to ruin the coalminer and his family.  That's not "sneering".  That's not "condescension".  In fact, it's a super-Hegelian dialectic, wondering how in heaven's name did that poor white person get snookered into giving their last crust of bread to a banker, and doing it willingly?

And the answer as Phil Ochs and Nina Simone pointed out, is Mississippi.  Racism is the 250-year cancer of the American soul.  And if Liberals don't like racism, that is not sneering.  That is not "condescension".  That is calling a racist cracker a racist cracker, and hoping that he wakes the fuck up, and that some morning he will vote for his own three quarters of a crust of bread, even if a damn n**ger gets a quarter of the crust.

Because right now the Tea Party and the Libertarian National Front are selling these sneerable and condescendable crackers a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge that says "Mississippi is great, so long as you're the last poor white, with no bread at all, but one more gun and one more Jesus that those n**gers."  And the viciously complicit corporate media sings Alleluia from its Amen Corner. 

Liberals aren't the problem, you corporate shill!!!

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