Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More like "The Coloring-Book of The Deal"

I tried to avoid talking about Donald Trump and his stubby-fingered iron-pyrite-encrusted vanity campaign too much, because The Hairpiece already gets a disproportionate amount of attention it is.

However, this New Yorker interview about the co-writer of Donald's Trump myth-defining book The Art of the Deal (who turned out to be a LOT more "writer" than "co") is worth a look, if only to confirm that, surprise, Trump is fraud on legs (and generally shitty at everything he does, including his fabled "business acumen.") Let's take an excerpt from the article to see mad negotiating skillz in action:

He told Trump that if he would give him half the advance and half the book’s royalties he’d take the job.
Such terms are unusually generous for a ghostwriter. Trump, despite having a reputation as a tough negotiator, agreed on the spot.

Boy our economy is sure to be in good hands with that financial prowess on display!

The most crucial piece of information from this is the confirmation that Trump is actually a lousy businessman and that even the very title of "his" book is a lie. His entire image is build on that shaky foundation so it would behoove anyone looking to unravel him to start rocking that a bit (as Queen of the Smack-down, Elizabeth Warren, has started to do.)

Of course (warning, soapbox alert), this just shows the inevitable result of a culture that treats conspicuous consumption and unfettered materialism as the religion of choice, with Rev. Trump as it's most zealous disciple. Our society constantly views fevered devotees of unrestrained displays of wealth as "successful" which is how people get fooled.

Just saying that Trump is just the festering pustule of a symptom, but he's not the disease, like some people think he is. Of course, lancing that boil is always better than letting it get infected

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