Monday, November 30, 2015

But aborting our common sense is ok, right?

This quick little clarification of my stance on abortion came after hearing, yet again, politicians who should know better, refer to a (ultimately debunked and discredited) video that reportedly shows Planned Parenthood talking about how they sell discarded baby parts on the black market and the Abortionplex garage sale (Because who needs commodity chips when fetal tissue is where the real money is?) This is of course utter ridiculousness (that, as you guys may know, recently, led to tragic results of domestic terrorism) manfucatured to prevent a service to women that is perfectly legal.

Anyway,  here's what I simply stated on a forum when the subject came up:
"I support a woman's right to keep her baby. I also support a woman's right to an abortion. Of course my 'support' doesn't really mean much, since it's none of fuckin business in any case."

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