Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dylann Roof's massacre: OF COURSE IT'S ABOUT RACE!

I advise readers to go here and read alleged Charleston Church shooter, Dylann Roof's manifesto so we can confirm once and for all what's been apparent from the get-go (major spoiler alert!):


Dylann Roof has not be shy or subtle about what "message" he wants to spread. The big "mental illness" that Mr Roof displayed here is that he simply didn't have the foresight to utilize coded words and dog whistles. The "mental instability" is his lack of subtly to avoid making racists look bad. (If the silly boy had just said he shot because those praying black folk left him "scared for his life" Megan Kelley would already be trying to schedule a softball interview appropriate for martyrdom). It certainly can't be because of the manifesto itself, who's general contents are blared throughout numerous Fox News broadcast, gets codified into law by conservative lawmakers, entrenched into law enforcement policies (as seen here, for instance), echoed as poorly-thought-out message board rationalizations throughout the web (including on many posts about this very tragedy.)

The vile ramblings of bigotry are so normalized that Dylann Roof can spew them openly among friends with merely a shrug of concern among them. But why shouldn't they? After all an armed person ranting such hateful irrational garbage isn't a sign of mental instability in our country. It's an all-too-accepted status quo.

Anyone who continues to insist at point that this is simply a matter of "mental illness" is engaging in willful ignorance and slandering the mentally ill community to boot, afraid to see the stark naked ugliness of the racist mentality ingrained within our system that this Roof monster inadvertently exposed.

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