Monday, June 1, 2015

Cynical Proverbs 6:01

Welcome back! Did you miss me (and please don't say "with every bullet so far" I already heard that one and you, dear reader, are more creative then that.)

As celebration for my glorious return to form you get this ultra super-turbo championship edition of Cynical Proverbs. For this one we're going to "go BIG or go home" a sentiment that dovetails nicely with the originator of our chosen quote:

“I think people hear the question they want to hear"

This was said by current governor and would-be (but won't) Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie; a guy who vows to get rid of government "pork" by apparently eating it all. New Jersey Governor's response to a poll that concluded that 65% of New Jersey voters said he'd suck as president was simply trying to spin it as a misheard question that indicated that, no, this shows that he and his presidential campaign are really popular after all.

The irony, of course is that this easily be the GOP mantra in a nutshell, with Christie obviously practicing what he preaches in that respect. Therefore the solution of citizens with sound minds and an ounce of common sense is: give the answer that they need to hear.

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