Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's like a two way mirror...I mean window into your soul

Sometimes, you dig and just happen to strike a goldmine of Assholishness stupidity.

Hey ladies? Do you expect some degree of privacy when you use the restroom? If so then you are one whopping moron! At least if you visit Chicago-area BBQ bar, Cigars and Stripes.

See a comedienne performing there discovered that the bar had a two-way mirror in the women's restroom in direct view of the toilets. Now you'd think that the revelation that a gross invasion of privacy is being committed would unnerve the owner of this joint. But not, Ronnie Lotz, the owner of Cigars and Stripes who, in an epic rant of utter bizarreness, knows full well this just those uppity feminist broads trying make a little privacy invasion into a "thing" and that he will "burn this fucking place to the ground" before removing his little peep mirror innocent Halloween prop:

I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror. Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us? We’re synonymous with Halloween. We do a freaky family fun day, and all the kids look in the mirror. This is a fun house, honey, and if you don’t like the two-way mirror, go fuck yourself;

Notice that there's no mention of whether the men's room gets to share in the "freaky family fun" of being spied on. Because who doesn't love a "quick scare" while on the potty, right? The condescending attitude to a reasonable indignation about breeches in privacy is just a bonus.

I'm sure retail establishments will follow in the Cigars and Stripes example. "Well yes we do have hidden cameras recording you without your knowledge or consent in the dressing room. But we're not going to post it to Xtube or anything so it's OK. Have fun trying on clothes, ladies!"

Here's yet another crouton that I managed to pick out of Mr Lotz's word salad:

We specialize in making people feel very uncomfortable. It’s why we’re successful today.

That's some business savvy right there. Because if there is one thing customers love, it's feeling uncomfortable. That's why so many people love going to the airport! I'm sure the next renovation for the Cigars and Stripes is to institute a full cavity search before entry to really make customers feel welcomed and appreciated.  Maybe such a favorable policy might help improve it's rapidly declining Yelp score. Guess that two-way mirror isn't bringing as much "joy" as previously thought. But I'm sure that just bitter chicks trying to make aspects like basic expectations of bathroom privacy a viral phenomenon. Nothing to see here.

Unless you go on the other side of the mirror

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