Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cynical Proverbs 4:18

I'm going to trying something a little different for thus entry. Rather than take a well-known platitude and "improve" it in a way to be palpable to the modern cynic, I decided to create my own little life-affirming aphorisms that will uplift the soul (and since my wit has a case of the "butterfingers" expect to see you soul dropped down with a thud more than once.) So what original bon mot do I have to give to enhance sound minds? Just this sweet bit of sentimentality:
Eat the rich! (They taste like chicken!)
Warms the heart doesn't it?

And because the perpetual outrage machine that powers the Internet is always on, I know some might be "offended" by sage words of wisdom. Let me assure such people that I'm being facetious and don't really mean it. I actually think the rich taste like pink slime and beef by-products.


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