Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You're honor, I move that this case be dismissed under a writ of 'Boys Will Be Boys...

I hop you brought your appetites, dear readers, because have I got a word salad so rancid that it's guaranteed to ice you the runs. Did you know that taking pictures of naked unconscious women and posting them on your frat's (private so that makes it OK) page, is a bad thing? Oh you do know that because you're not a dudebro asshole who thinks women should be treated as consenting, autonomous human beings instead of playthings? Well then you are just an uptight, self-righteous prude who just can't understand satire, says one anonymous frat bro from the Kappa Delta Rho chapter that's accused of this who thinks all the humorless people who act like photographing naked unconscious chicks is some kind of crime (hint: it is) is need to lighten up! Gawd don't they know that this is the most biggest side-splitter since the one about the women on Guerrero Street:

It was a satirical group. It wasn’t malicious whatsoever. It wasn’t intended to hurt anyone. It wasn’t intended to demean anyone. It was an entirely satirical group and it was funny to some extent. Some of the stuff, yeah, it’s raunchy stuff, as you would expect from a bunch of college-aged guys. But, I mean, you could go on any one of hundreds and thousands of different sites to access the same kind of stuff and obviously a lot worse and a lot more explicit.
Now the second thing you're probably pondering (outside of "This guy is such a huge douche you could practically smell the summer rain coming from the screen") is " What exactly were these group of fools satirizing? What were they mining for humor? ("Well I wanted to impress the women with my Bill Cosby impression and...") Actually, much like a buffet,  the frat interview has so much rhetorical idiocy it's hard to know where to even begin. But let's stick with the notion that this was all "good clean fun."

Of course, this isn't the first time someone has tried to use the just joking rationale to avoid the consequences of their awful and offensive behavior. It's the preprogrammed response of the Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters (who are inexplicably taken seriously despite this justification)  of the world whenever they are called out over their verbal diarrhea. After all being unethical and vicious is better than being "humorless." So even though it's obvious the guy and his misuse of the word "satire" is total bullshit invoked to avoid suffering consequences, let's take it for granted, since that doesn't justify Kappa Delta Rho's actions at all. Otherwise the big "punchline" is "women are being violated! Ha ha ha? See, get it they aren't, like, human beings but bodies for our amusement. Tee hee!"

When the frat's actions are broken down like that, it's pretty fuckin hilarious, huh?

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