Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"I'm 'anti-PC' because I'm pro-asshole!"

This is taken from my reply toward a Wonkette story regarding some dumb-ass Idaho Legislator, state Senator Sheryl Nuxoll, who walked out of an invocation given by a Hindu clergyman, insulted a religion that has over one billion followers as "fake" (do I even have to point out the blowback there would be if a politician said this about Christianity?), and refused to apologize for any of it (well of course not! For Republican politicians nowadays, being an insensitive jerk and doubling-down on stupidity is an asset not a flaw) because of her Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs™ which naturally gives you the Constitutional right to discriminate against someone else. After all as Sen. Nuxoll states, it's a Christian nation based on Christian principles, proving that being g an avid follower of the Constitution doesn't mean you have to actually read it. 

Feeling that wasn't enough to deal with the inevitable outrage such statements would cause, Nuxoll hedged her bets on Common Defense #2 by proclaiming that this is just a result of her defending herself against a group of meanies wielding "political correctness." This is not the first time someone has tried go spin their being an offensive asshole as some kind of Bold Stance against the political correctness when people have the nerve to be offended by offensiveness, and it probably won't be the last. But this line of thinking always bothered me and the article inspired !e to vent about the reason why. So, in response to other post snarking on the"anti-PC" defense, here's my sidebar about the phrase:

Incidentally I loathe the term PC. Not simply because if gives people a false sense of rebellion when they act all put upon about giving a group of people some basic human consideration that have historically been denied them, but it also implies that the ONLY reason anyone would, say, treat gays or women with respect is simply because the "Gaystapo" or the "Femi-nazi" MADE them with their Whips of Social Coercion, because everyone on earth is apparently incapable of utilize basic human decency on their own without harsh enforcement or political expediency.

I mean even for cynical me, that's a pretty shitty assessment of your fellow man. In addition, this goes hand and hand with the supposed "deconstructing unreasonable arguments" purpose of this blog, since those "others" (sometimes with simply their acknowledged existence) can bring a new perspective to the mix that dares to question assumptions and challenges lazy say that America is a Christian nation.

UPDATE (2-17-2016): Pardon the screechy feedback, folks, because Craig Ferguson just did a serious mic drop on the subject:

Not too long ago there was a lot of talk about what “political correctness” was doing to comedy. Is it a real problem? Is your ability to range across topics limited by political sensitivity?
No – it’s not. There’s a fair amount of waa-waa from comedians. If you say something contemptible and someone calls you a dick, then fuckin’ deal with it! OK? As long as the government doesn’t say, “You can’t say that,” then we’re OK.
If someone calls you out on something you said, it’s not them trying to restrict your free speech, it’s them exercising their free speech. That’s what free speech is! I don’t think free speech is consequence-free for your feelings. If you hurt their feelings by what you say, and that person lashes out and calls you on it, OK! That doesn’t seem unfair to me!
Dayum! And he is right on....oh, you're not done yet, Ferguson:

If you make a joke about a group of people who are tired of having jokes made at their expense, and they complain about that – good! Good! That’s good that they complain about it! It doesn’t mean that you can’t do the joke. Do the fuckin’ joke! And maybe you think, “I never thought of it like that, I’m not gonna do that joke anymore” — that’s fine!

UPDATE 2: Update squared (3-9-16): A reminder from Salon commentor indyotto (in response this this article about Missouri's at temp to draft "religious freedom" idiocy because a few bakers feel "funny down there" everytime they have to use the frosting gun to make gay wedding cakes or some tiresome bullshit like that) that people who whine about "pc behavior" are also lifetime members of the Hypocrisy League:

It seems to me the people who scream the loudest about "political correctness" are also the first ones to run to their elected officials to enact laws to protect their "religious freedom." Of course, it's just a cheap ploy to avoid having to deal with people who offend them. Tell me again about how you hate political correctness, please.
Memo to religious bigots: you do not have the right to not be offended. 
"Missouri is a very Christian state." 
Who cares? Go f--k yourselves, bigots

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