Monday, August 29, 2016

Da Mic Drop: Special Wiener Edition (No need to snap a pic of that "mic" there, Weiner)

Da Mic Drop is a regular segment, where we look at people who make such a pointed "standing-ovation-worthy" commentary in regards to a person or issue that it has to be highlighted. 

This is just a quick summation of my thoughts on the Anthony Weiner "scandal" (basically a "E!" story that desperate columnist are trying to dress in political cosplay so they can utilize their "Trump University Relationship Counselor" degrees and tisk-tisk in self-aggrandizing affectations about personal issues that are not really any if their business.)

This is a stupid non-issue so it's fitting that I went to Twitter (the usual breeding ground for stupidity about non-issue) for reflection. However, a few people actually made some salient points about the appropriate responses to this story.

First there's Glenn Greenwald, a frequent critic of the media's hyperventilating salivation over sensationalism while ignoring substantial claims that actually affect the public (for instance, he offers a very meaningful reflection over the Ashley Madison leak a year ago. Check it out, it's a pretty thoughtful analysis):

This is revolting. A big reason people like to talk about sex scandals is they enable self-glorifying moralizing...
12:51 PM - 29 Aug 2016
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And then, weighing in for a two-fer is Nerd God/Shark Jumper hybrid, Wil Wheton who (in the same Glenn Greenwald thread oddly enough, like who knew he was even a follower?) chewed on this tidbit:
@ggreenwald I feel like I missed something. Dad sends explicit text messages to another adult. How is that a dangerous situation for child?
12:59 PM - 29 Aug 2016

Also, because the only thing that turns our dull-witted on more on that breathless sweet nothings of sex scandal tabloid speculation is "Both Sides Do It" foreplay, here's Wil getting a jump on diffusing this little piece of logical fallacy:

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton ‏@wilw
Trump: *hires racist to run campaign* Clinton: *aide is married to a dirtbag* Media: EQUIVALENT CONTROVERSY ON BOTH CAMPAIGN'S STAFF!

I also can't forget the wise words of this nation's most...let's say "appropriate" philosopher (from the fervent mind of someone who has done as much media criticism as Glenn Greenwald). So take it away,  America's brattiest six-year old (no, not Trump):

Of course this is about vaguely Beltway-adjacent people (he's a former congressman and his wife is working on Hilary Clinton's campaign) so the press can pretend that this is Different and Important,  but honestly, this piece of sensationalism has all the colossal relevance of finding out that omg! you guys, Hank Baskett totally cheated on that Kendra chick with that T-girl she is like so scandalized and we got to see every angst-plagued rendering of their mega-confrontation  (and if you're wondering what does that info has to do with anything going on, then you've already gotten the point.)

Oh and My grand take? As I said on another message board:

"Who cares?"
And even by "prurient interest" standards, this is a boring old rerun. Not enough investment for the the public at large to grab the Pearls of the Titillated Busybody for which they may clutch in Scandalized Outrage.

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