Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Very Special Episode of 2+2=7...

In which Stephanie Tanner learns all about meth...the hard way.

Seriously the PSA is all about my "favorite" subject: Police brutality. See what with those nifty newfangled recording thingamabobs (I think the kids call them "cameras") cops are having a sad because their misdeeds and abuses are being captured and exposed for the public to see. Not to worry though because North Carolina governor Pat Mccrory, tired of worrying about transgender people taking a piss has decided on new people to fuck over by signing some POS law that would block police video and body cams from being released to the public. As I pointed out in the link above:

Recent history has shown time and again that law enforcement needs transparancy of cameras and scrutiny of the public (who remeber, they are suppose to be SERVING.)

You only need to Google one of the 50,000 police shootings and brutalities to see an example of the above (plus ANY goverment agency given any kind of authoritative power needs transpanacy from the public to emphasize that they SERVE us not RULE OVER us.) Fortunatly, there's something you can do to help. Go to the website in the handy little hyperlink sign the petition telling the NC Legislator that we the people will not stand for actions the shield the public from potential abuses from law enforcement. Also spread the word about this and/or donate to the cause if you can. Thank you.

So join us in the next very special episode where Laura Winslow learns An Important Lesson about underage drinking  (mainly that it will help tolerate the annoying meme-generating camera-mugging of Steve Urkel.

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