Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cynical Proverbs 12:23

“I don’t know the facts of this case..."

This little quote comes from some Focus on the Family douchebag, Stuart Shephard, speculating on the motive of Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear (which is such a mystery to decipher since Dear only shouted his deranged reasons from the rooftops with a bullhorn and all.) Even though Dear only ranted about being a "warrior for babies" like a thousand times, Shephard still felt the need to make up a motivation (one pilfered from an unused draft of Reefer Madness, from the sound of it), perhaps so that he, Dear and OJ Simpson can get together to find the "real killer." Of course, you couldn't really blame Shephard since he began his false narrative with the Official Republican Mantra (tm) quoted above. Seeing how people like this Focus on the Family twit aren't going let silly little things like "reality" or "evidence" (or God forbid, research) get in the way of unneeded conspiracy theories, I offered this little media proposal on the Wonkette boards:

Seriously. Any pundit or "political operative" who uses that phrase should have their mics immediately and permanently turned out for the rest of the story cycle.

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