Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cynical Sincere Proverbs: 9:19

Kim Davis: Government  Welfare Queen showing off that her licensed to bigot is notarized by Right-Wing Fantasy Jesus, so SUCK IT highest court in the nation!

This particular quote I created was inspired by America's favorite bureaucratic obstructionista, bravely defending her "insincerely-held religious privilege" from the evil tyranny of the Gay Mafia wanting to oppress decent Christian bigots by utilizing their legally-protected right to homo-marry each other. Seeing her haggard mug of spiteful unpleasantness paraded around as the fundamentalist queen of Professional Victimhood  (not that she's going to quit her first job, despite a small hindrance of refusing to actually do it, even under court order and Constitutional decree, like that matters to a government official who's delusional bout of power-mad pettiness was sanctioned the lawful decree of Biblical Misinterpretation), it got me to ponder:

"If  the result is we get to spend an eternity with people like this, why is it called 'Heaven'?"


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